Jenny’s class​es at Willesden Sports Centre. Thursdays 12.45 to 1.45. ‘Slow the ageing process, improve your strength, energy levels, balance and all over fitness in a friendly ​energetic ​session for the older adult. Free – just turn up in suitable clothing​.

Walking Football for adults. (40 + teams) Brent is very keen to have their community active and engaged in all levels of sports and leisure. We know there is a direct link between cardiovascular disease and vascular dementia. You can get more information on this on the Alzheimer’s society website So to ensure we […]

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North-WEST London NHS Trust have signed up to John’s Campaign

North-WEST London NHS Trust have signed up to John’s Campaign, which provides family carers with the opportunity to have unrestricted visiting hours and the chance to take an active role in the care of their loved one if they are admitted to hospital.  It is optional, but if a carer wishes to take up this offer they […]

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Twiddlemuffs:   As part of their drive to improve experience for dementia patients, the Trust would like to provide all their dementia patients with a ‘twiddlemuff’. A twiddlemuff is a woollen muff, with twiddles such as buttons, beads or zips attached inside and out and is designed to provide a stimulation activity for the restless hands of […]