Together for a Dementia Friendly Brent 2020

Thank you for attending this important event last week where we committed to working together to create a dementia friendly borough here in Brent.

We know that the diagnosis rate for dementia has increased both nationally and locally, meaning more of those people living with dementia who need support are identified and able to receive support earlier. Brent is doing well with dementia diagnosis and this is thanks to the work being done locally to raise awareness, early identification and initial diagnosis.

Brent Council, NHS Brent CCG, Community Action Dementia Brent and their partners are committed to working to ensure that people living with dementia and their families and carers are valued, respected and supported to live as normal life as normal lives as possible and for as long as possible.

The following are our key actions and we ask you to work with us on achieving these. One way you can proactively join this important initiative is to sign up to our Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance  you can also visit for an update on actions

For now we will focus on;

  • Development of a five year dementia strategy led by Brent Council and Brent CCG

The main headline areas for the strategy are

  • Prevention
  • Diagnosing and Living Well
  • Caring and dying well
  • Carers
  • Training

(Other areas of activity may be added)

To join the alliance please complete the application here

We will use the Alzheimer’s Society’s framework to  achieve a dementia-friendly community. This process enables communities to be publicly recognised for their work towards becoming dementia-friendly. It is built around seven criteria which are

Criteria 1.  Make sure you have the right local structure in place to maintain a sustainable dementia friendly community

e.g. Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance

Criteria 2. Identify a person or people to take responsibility for driving forward the work to support your community to become dementia friendly and ensure that individuals, organisations and businesses are meeting their stated commitments

We are in discussions with various agencies re funding this post

Criteria 3. Have a plan to raise awareness about dementia in key organisations and businesses within the community that support people with dementia

Identify funding for CAD-Brent and/or others to continue providing this element

Criteria 4. Develop a strong voice for people with dementia living in your communities.

Build on the current ‘Dementia Voice’ group that was set up earlier this year.

Criteria 5. Raise the profile of your work to increase reach and awareness to different groups in the community Think about how to raise the profile and communicate information about your dementia friendly communities plan or Local Dementia Action Alliance to the wider community

Develop a comms strategy to achieve this. Id sponsors to support a   programme of awareness and outreach.

Criteria 6 Focus your plans on a number of key areas that have been identified locally e.g. focus on transport, or local business and/or carers.

Initial discussion indicate we should focus on

  • Transport
  • Awareness across all communities
  • Support by the business community

Criteria 7 Have in place a plan or system to update the progress of your community after six months and one year

This could be part of the Coordinator’s role.

This could be useful as the framework we need to achieve our vision.

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